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You know that the right fleet management software could save you a fortune. It makes business sense. But unless you get your drivers on-side, you could risk damaging staff morale and denting motivation.
You are sold on the benefits of fleet management software. The business case adds up and you have the budget to invest. There’s just one obstacle: your drivers.
Drivers don’t want to be nannied. Fleet management software can sometimes be perceived by drivers as a tool for spying on them. A backseat Big Brother. That can make some drivers feel devalued. Cue: damaged staff morale, decreased motivation and a culture of mistrust. Not good.

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As a fleet manager, it’s imperative that your adoption of telematics goes smoothly. Yet while you might be convinced of the benefits of fleet management technology, your drivers may not. Fail to take their potential concerns into account and you could have a mini mutiny on your hands.
To make sure that doesn’t happen, address driver concerns. Anticipate potential grievances. Highlight how fleet management software benefits the business while making life smarter, safer and simpler for drivers too.
Here’s how.

It’s about savings, not surveillance

Drivers need to know that the purpose of implementing fleet management software is to drive savings, not spy on what happens behind the wheel. By slashing fuel waste, improving customer service and reducing admin, a good telematics system can put businesses in a far healthier financial position. And a healthy business means job security for your drivers.

Improved driver performance

Some hide it better than others, but ultimately almost every employee in any field wants to feel that their efforts are valued. That they are making a difference. That they are contributing towards a common goal. High-spec fleet management software – such as Movolytics – allows you to share with drivers exactly how well they are performing in terms of fuel efficiency and road safety. You can also show them how that’s helping your business save on fuel costs. Every driver’s contribution is tracked.

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Driver-dependent training and rewards

Of course, improved driver performance should be rewarded. It’s a great way to boost morale and get drivers engaged with fleet management software. Reports allow you to assess how each driver is performing from day to day, week to week and month to month. Has a certain driver’s safety score improved? Give them a bonus. Or see where drivers could benefit from training that’s tailored to their actual driving behaviours. Much better than generic road safety advice that comes across as patronising to experienced drivers.

Protect drivers

The best fleet management software logs details of every journey: destination, time of arrival, time of departure. That makes it easy for your drivers and your business to protect yourselves against false claims regarding late arrivals, early departures or time spent on site. On top of that you get a measure of protection against fraudulent accident claims against your business. If your driver is accused, you will be able to verify their location and engine data at the precise time in question. No more anxiety for your drivers when they are falsely alleged of doing something wrong.

…and no more timesheets!

Does any driver really enjoy filling in timesheets? The best fleet management software is so good at tracking vehicle location that you can do away with timesheets altogether.

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Safety of drivers and vehicles

Putting aside your legal obligation to keep vehicles roadworthy, no driver wants to spend their day trekking around in a vehicle that could put themselves and other road users in danger. Your drivers should have total confidence in their vehicles at all times. The latest fleet management technology can help you keep track of service schedules and sends reminders when it’s time to perform key vehicle maintenance checks.

Make fleet management relevant to your drivers

It’s human nature to resist change. Forcing fleet management software on your drivers could ruffle feathers and reduce morale. But when you make your drivers feel part of the process and highlight the benefits it will have on their working lives, you can actually enhance motivation and smooth the transition to a telematics platform that cuts business costs and rewards efficient drivers too. Perfect.

What next?

Want to know more about telematics? Try our eBook. It provides a bite-size intro to telematics and explains how it can reduce the costs of fleet management for any business that has vehicles on the road. Short, waffle-free and ready to download for nothing.

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