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Six months ago, Spanish company TIPSA enlisted the help of Movolytics. Providing transportation services both nationally and internationally, it was important to the TIPSA team that they learn more about their drivers’ behaviours and find ways to make their vehicles more efficient. Cue Movolytics involvement!

What We Did

Before they could log into the Movolytics platform, we needed to install a device into the TIPSA vans in the Madrid neighbourhoods of Salamanca and Tetuán. The process takes less than an hour to be installed into the vehicle’s electronic control unit. There’s no installation cost, only a fixed monthly fee.

Once installed, the Movolytics software began gathering data on driver behaviour, real-time location and fuel wastage for each vehicle. Unlike other software that creates estimates based on the vehicle’s model, fuel and age, Movolytics is much more accurate. It uses data extracted directly from the vehicle’s engine. 

We also provide free training and unlimited support – in this case provided by our local Spanish team.


Using the information collected by the software, TIPSA were able to see:

  • The amount of time each vehicle spends idling.
  • The most economical route for drivers to take in order to avoid congestion, thanks to the GPS real-time tracking.
  • Inefficient habits like excessive speeding and braking.

Armed with this data, TIPSA identified that more than €400 was being wasted on fuel every month. The team addressed this issue, using the information gathered by our fleet management software to find efficiencies. This resulted in TIPSA achieving an impressive fuel saving of 20%.

New Starters

In addition to helping vehicles run more efficiently, TIPSA have found the Movolytics software particularly useful when employing new drivers. They have used the data collected on inefficient routing and speed reports to target new driver training on the areas that are commonly found to be an issue with the fleet. The vehicle tracking software also enables TIPSA to track driver behaviour and ensure new starters are adhering to the company’s protocols.

Happy Customers

When talking of the difference that Movolytics has made to their fleet management, TIPSA have nothing but positive words. According to Carlos Adaro, TIPSA delegate for the Salamanca and Tetuán neighbourhoods, his favourite feature is the easy-to-use platform. He says “I usually take a look once or twice a week and, if I want to locate a vehicle, I can do it easily on my mobile phone.” His other top features are:

  • The security provided by the geolocation feature. Adaro says that “it gives you great security” and if a vehicle Is stolen, it will be much easier to track.
  • Reducing idling by receiving real-time idle alerts when an engine is left running. This saves the business a lot of money on fuel wastage.
  • Driver Scoring which tracks inefficient driving habits such as speeding. It allows Tipsa to correct these bad driving habits reducing risk across the fleet.
  • A report on how long each driver spends behind the wheel, which allows the team to ensure driver safety and track when drivers are driving for too many hours at one time.

TIPSA provides urgent transport services for light parcels and documentation, nationally and internationally. Thanks to the company’s large network, the adaptability of its services and its adoption of innovative technology, TIPSA has positioned itself as a leading company in the sector.

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