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Chances are you won’t even notice that fleet management system has been installed in your vehicle. But a lot depends on the type of system that is being used to track your driving. Here’s what you need to know.
Has your fleet manager told you that your business is adopting fleet management software? As a driver, you probably have a few questions. You may even feel a little nervous that you are going to be spied on. Relax. Fleet management software – also called fleet telematics – is becoming common. It’s normal for fleet managers to track their vehicles. And rather than a way of checking up on you, it’s a tool for improving driver efficiency and reducing the high costs of keeping a fleet on the road.

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Here’s what life is like behind the wheel once fleet management software has been installed in your vehicle.

Will you notice it?

Almost certainly not. Depending on the system, you won’t even notice that a vehicle tracker has been installed. Most systems are about the size of a box of cigarettes and are fitted behind the dashboard. Budget vehicle tracking systems are visible but it’s highly unlikely that your business will be using these for fleet management due to their poor functionality.

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What data is being gathered?

Understandably you may feel a little apprehensive about being spied on as a driver. But it’s important to remember that fleet management software is exactly that: software that makes it easier to manage your fleet. It’s not surveillance software. The majority of vehicle trackers record data on speed, location, braking, cornering and acceleration. This information is sent via mobile internet to your fleet manager’s office to improve business decision-making, efficiency and fleet management.

Will fleet management software interrupt driving style?

Yes and no. Ultimately you are the driver. You are the one who controls the vehicle – and you are better at it than any piece of machinery. Yet while fleet management software will never directly interfere with your driving style, some products will alert you when your driving style could be tweaked to improve fuel efficiency. Whether you follow those recommendations is up to you – but it’s an easy way to get in your fleet manager’s good books!

Will fleet management software limit speed?

Nope. It’s not a speed limiter. However, fleet management software will collect data on the speed you drive at.

Does it control radio volume?

No again. Your choice of music and the volume you wish to play it is your choice. Fleet management software doesn’t interfere with vehicle electronics or override your decisions.

Does fleet management software monitor vehicle location?

Indeed it does. And it sends this data back to your fleet manager to help them monitor progress against jobs, improve dispatching and respond better to last-minute callouts. This improves customer service, cuts business costs and ultimately drives revenue. (Added bonus: there’s a good chance you will no longer have to fill in timesheets because advanced fleet management systems are so good at tracking vehicle location.)

Smartphone integration

As we said, your vehicle tracker will most likely be undetectable while you’re driving. But there’s a but. Some of the more advanced fleet tracking technologies integrate with drivers’ smartphones to make it easier for you to accept new jobs, follow the most fuel-efficient routes, monitor your estimated arrival times and more. In a nutshell you get more control and insight on your working day.

Does fleet management software pass information to police or insurers?

No. Let’s say you accidentally edged over the speed limit. You’re not going to be seeing the blues and twos in your wing mirror five minutes later. Nor will your fleet manager get a call with a recalculation of your insurance premium based on your driving habits. All of the data that’s collected on your driving is stored securely for internal business use only. The only exception is if your vehicle is involved in an accident. Your fleet manager may voluntarily pass information to police or insurers to prove you weren’t at fault.

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